Iowa A.G. Brenna Bird on Trump’s Historic Caucus Win: ‘He Had the Energy and Momentum All over’ Hawkeye State

January 16, 2024

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, who endorsed former President Donald Trump in October, told Breitbart News on Tuesday the 45th president “had the energy and momentum all over the state” following his historic victory in Monday night’s Iowa Caucuses.

Speaking via phone call Tuesday afternoon, Breitbart News asked Bird for her thoughts about Trump’s record-setting night, where he more than doubled the widest margin of victory in the history of the Iowa Caucuses. 

“Well, last night was a huge, historic win. He was even over 50%. We have never seen a caucus win that big. I think the record was 12 points back in 1988, and he blew that out of the water; I think it was what 30 points plus,” Bird noted to Breitbart News. “And then the other thing that I’ve never seen before, too, is the results were in so quickly. You know, the caucus was called so quickly because it was just so obvious that everyone was supporting him.” 

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