Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird champions Trump record as caucuses near

December 28, 2023

Iowa Republican Attorney General Brenna Bird is one of former President Donald Trump’s highest-ranking endorsements in the Hawkeye State, and she believes he is the only, and the best, candidate who can beat President Joe Biden.

Contrary to the state’s Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, who endorsed Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for president, Bird made the decision that Trump was the best man for the job and endorsed the onetime president.

“I think that President Trump is the one who’s going to defeat Biden and win our country back,” Bird said in an interview in early December. “And we were all a lot better off in Iowa when Donald Trump was president.”

Bird, who is in her first term as attorney general, won the election by beating the incumbent who had served in the role for nearly 40 years.

She has traveled the state and said that support for Trump is strong, even with DeSantis getting the governor’s endorsement and spending much time there. And the polls reflect this just a few weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses, which will take place on Jan. 15.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average for the Iowa caucus, Trump is at 50%, with DeSantis quite a bit behind him at 18.4%.

“I see strong support for President Trump all over Iowa, and I think it’s because of his record and people know what he did as president, and they want that back again. So he’s got broad support from all kinds of people,” Bird said. “Iowans are really excited about President Trump and are going to caucus for him.”

To her, the main difference between Trump and the other candidates is the track record he already has, having served as president for four years, whereas the other candidates do not have that track record.

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